Buy Now and Wear All Year

You might be thinking it’s been cold for a while so there’s no point in buying more winter clothing and accessories. You’ll only be able to use them for a month or two and then what? We have a solution. Purchase items you can wear all year long.

A white crossbody handbag is perfect for all seasons. It gives a bright pop to your outfit in winter. It helps you transition into spring and pastels. It’s fresh for summer and your days on the boardwalk. And since we don’t believe in no white after Labor Day, we think it will look great with fall colors and boots.

A mint statement necklace is another piece that works all year long. It works with metallic and sparkly pieces, like a silver sweater or rhinestone high heels, for all your winter festivities. As mentioned before, it helps transition into spring pastels. It will add that something special to summer tank tops and pairing it with fall suede pieces will look really cute.

An orange and brown chiffon scarf is an easy accessory to work into every season because of the its varying colors and its lightweight feel. Scarves work well in cold months, even if they’re lightweight, and the orange gives a little fun color to a dreary season. Its dark and light colors help it transition into spring. For summer it will provide just enough warmth for cool summer nights. Fall is a no-brainer. This scarf mimics the autumn foliage and will work well with jeans and boots.

Check out Chicastic for more items you can buy now and wear all year.Transition PiecesFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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