Valentine’s Day Clutches

February 14th is a special day that requires a cute clutch so you can hold your love notes, chocolates, and lip gloss. There’s a style, and shade of red, for every gal. Check out our recommendations below.

For a romantic look, choose a purse that has fabric braided or woven into some sort of design. It can be a simple pattern or something more elaborate like flowers. The clutch should have an ease to its design and feel like it could be part of a fairytale.

If you’d like something with a little bit of sparkle, look for a clutch that has sequins or rhinestones. Choose the style that works for you, whether that’s an antique looking coin purse or a chic rectangular clutch with a rhinestone peacock feature.

Valentine’s Day clutches don’t need to be super feminine either. They can have a little more edge to them like a faux patent leather purse. Get even edgier with a knuckle duster clutch. You’ll look ready to knock out your date if they don’t treat you right.

The color for Valentine’s Day is usually red. Don’t feel stuck though, there are so many shades to choose from. If bright red isn’t your thing, check out a darker color like burgundy or  even head into the pink range.

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