Throwback Thursday- While You Were Sleeping

We think While You Were Sleeping is the perfect movie for this Throwback Thursday. It’s a romantic film for the upcoming holiday and Sandra Bullock’s character repeatedly bundled up in the cold weather. If we ran into her today, what would we hope she’d be wearing?

Her character had a lot of comfortable looking clothing but it was loose fitting and unflattering. We’d like her to keep her comfy casual style, but wear a mixture of form fitting and loose fitting clothes to balance out her look. Perhaps a pair of skinny jeans but with an easy draping cardigan. She could add a pair of flat boots to keep her comfortable, but maybe choose a pair that has an interesting feature like buckles.

To keep warm outside we think she was on the right track with the scarves and hats. However, many of her accessories in the movie were dark solid colored pieces that were a little drab. We’d like to see her liven it up with a pattern. Maybe not go too far out of her comfort zone, but add just a few warmer colors. As far as other accessories go, we think her character would love to wear crossbody bags for their convenience and we’d love to see her wear them for their style.

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