Valentine’s Day with Your Gals

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about a romantic partner. It can be about celebrating friendships and the love you have for your gal pals. Here are some fun activities for you and your friends to do this Valentine’s Day.

Have a movie night. Get all the sappy rom com movies you can find, gather every yummy snack you can think of, and wear your comfiest clothes. You can even turn it into an old fashioned slumber party. It’ll be a great evening just chilling with your ladies and watching your favorite movies.

Go the opposite route and hit the town. Pick out a sexy dress, some killer heels, and a clutch to hold your must haves. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and then head out for a night of dancing with your friends.

Want something somewhere in the middle? See a play together. Go bowling. Get pedicures. Just find an activity you all enjoy and make sure there’s plenty of time to chat and enjoy each others company.

If you’d like to make the day a little more special, do a secret Santa style gift exchange. Everyone picks a name and needs to get/make a gift for their secret valentine. It can be something simple like nail polish or a scarf with hearts on it, or a little more sophisticated like a stylish piece of jewelry or maybe a red clutch purse.

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