Throwback Thursday- Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle is a romantic movie with a cross country love story. Though the film may cause our hearts to melt, the outfits Meg Ryan’s character, Annie, wears do not. If the movie took place now, what would we like to see her in?

Let’s start with the business suit. Annie had a long loose skirt and a long jacket. Now we’d like to see her in something a little more fitted. A tailored jacket paired with a pencil skirt would look chic. It would show off her figure more and she wouldn’t lose too much length in the skirt. She could accessorize with pumps and short earrings to keep the look professional.

For outerwear, which is important when they meet on the Empire State Building, we’d like something more fitted or more loose. We feel her coat was too wishy washy. It didn’t flatter her figure nor was it chic. For the fitted route, she could wear a trench coat with a belt so her waist was defined. Then she could pair it with a lightweight scarf with a nice pattern with a bit of color to elevate the ensemble. For the looser look, perhaps a vibrant poncho so she’d be sure to catch Tom Hank’s eye.

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