Anti-Valentine’s Day

Not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s Day. Sometimes you just don’t want the romantic movies, red colored everything, and special candlelight dinners. If that’s the case, then have an anti-Valentine’s Day. Now we’re not suggesting going around and spreading hate. We just mean make it less frilly and fussy.

You can spend your anti-Valentine’s Day by yourself or with friends. We prefer with friends.

Instead of romantic comedies, rent action or horror films. Another option is to watch super cheesy romantic comedies and crack jokes all the way through. Maybe have a card game night with any heart cards causing penalties.

For food, don’t make special dinner reservations. Get pizza delivered or maybe hit up a fast food drive-thru. We would say stay away from chocolates, but where’s the fun in that? Just stay away from boxes of chocolates or chocolate covered strawberries.

When you’re getting dressed for the day, don’t wear reds and pinks. You don’t need to wear black from head to toe though, unless you want to. A little black dress with black heels and a black purse would look really chic. A comfy option of black leggings with a loose cardigan and some flats would work well too. Just keep in mind, there are other colors besides black that don’t scream Valentine’s Day but are still bright. Blues and greens are nice options if you’d still like to look cheery. Also, stay away from accessories that have hearts. Accessories with sharp edges would work well.

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