Valentine’s Day Wedding

The most romantic days to get married are the anniversary of the day you met or started dating, the anniversary of the day you got engaged, or Valentine’s Day. Since the holiday for lovers is this weekend, we’d like to focus on getting married February 14th.

When planning a wedding for Valentine’s Day, play up the theme. Send out Valentines, like the ones from when you were in elementary school, as save the dates. Design invitations and menus with hearts on them. Use Valentines again for guests to write marriage advice for you. For favors customize candy hearts.

When it comes to the decorations, try not to go super cheesy. An ice sculpture of cupid is a bit much. Instead, decorate with the color of the day. Red table linens with white runners would look stunning as a backdrop to centerpieces of red roses. When decorating the cake, a topper of interlinked hearts or a heart with an arrow through it would be cute. For a romantic dessert option, try chocolate covered strawberries.

For the wedding party, of course we’re going to suggest red dresses. If you’d like something a little different, try black dresses with red accents, like a red shoe, clutch, and nails. You can use the same pops of color for your dress. For bridesmaid gifts, give them jewelry with hearts on it, like a vintage style heart shaped watch necklace.

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