Throwback Thursday- The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer is a cute romantic comedy starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It came out in 1998 but was fabulously eighties. If Julia and her promiscuous sister Holly were in this decade, we wonder what they’d be wearing.

Julia dressed conservatively with a lot of collared buttoned up dresses and cardigans. Today we’d like to see her in outfits that were a little less frumpy. She could still be conservative but we’d prefer outfits that were less blousy. A good compromise would be a long sleeved wide neck shirt with simple button details on the shoulders. She should look for other items like this, nothing too clingy but that have fun details or patterns. She could also wear a comfy loose cardigan to complete an outfit.  For accessories, Julia wore a signature necklace with all of her ensembles. We’d like to update that to a vintage style watch necklace. It’s fashionable and unique.

Holly dressed like the stereotypical eighties girl. She went with layered necklaces, off the shoulder shirts, bright colors, and sometimes Madonna looks. To bring her up to date we’d have to tone her down a little. She could switch out all the layered necklaces for a statement necklace. Off the shoulder shirts are still in style for casual days. Bright colors are in, just not all over the outfit. She’d need to be strategic, maybe a neon clutch, a neon sneaker, or a neon necklace.

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