Valentine’s Day Outfit

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Time to plan your outfit! We say embrace the day and dress accordingly. That does not mean head to toe red with heart shaped everything. But some red clothing or accessories and one heart shaped something is a nice way to show your Valentine’s Day spirit.

For your outfit, of course we’re going to recommend a red dress. If that’s where your red is, then accessorize with a different color. Try black heels, a black clutch and silver or gold jewelry. Now if you can find a red dress with heart shaped cutouts or a heart print? Gold star!

If your dress is a different color, say navy or white, then accessorize with pops of red. Carry a chic red clutch or wear a red heel for a fun unexpected choice. If red is seriously not your color, then play up the hearts. A cardigan or scarf with a small heart pattern would acknowledge the day and not be overwhelming. Jewelry with hearts on it would work well too, like a bracelet with a heart clasp or a watch necklace with a center heart.

Maybe you weren’t planning on dressing up for the evening. That’s fine. Keep it casual with a red sweater or even a red pair of pants. Try switching out your sneaker laces for red or heart patterned ones.

There are so many ways to incorporate part of this holiday into your look. Check out Chicastic for great red accessories and cute items with hearts.Valentine's Day OutfitFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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