Spring 2015 Trends

We don’t have any holidays on the near horizon, so let’s daydream about warmer weather and what we’re going to wear this spring.

First, colors that are on trend for spring. There’s black and white and all white outfits. For all white, mix various shades and textures to get a more visually interesting look. You can also choose a purse that has great texture to it like braided fabric, faux leather, or beading. We’d like a little more color in our looks so we’d opt for the blue and white or yellow trends. Find the right yellow for your skin tone and wear it in a cute dress or light sweater. If you enjoy patterns, then check out some gingham prints, another trend for the spring season.

As far as style, a trend we’d get behind is the one shoulder look. You can work it into your wardrobe through dresses or shirts. If you don’t like to bare that much skin, or perhaps hate strapless bras, try an off the shoulder shirt with a tank underneath. Other great spring trends include shirt dresses and polo shirts.

For footwear, sneakers and flat sandals are still in style. Our feet are relieved to hear that! We’ll save the high heels for evening parties.

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