Heat Up the Bedroom with Underbust Corsets

When it’s cold outside heat up the bedroom with some lingerie. Corsets are sexy, but underbust corsets take it to another level.

Choose a color that’s easy to mix and match like a black satin underbust corset. Details like lacing up the back add to the sex appeal and also help to accentuate your curves. Underbust corsets can be worn a few different ways. For the reserved, wear it with a white buttoned shirt or white tank top. The contrast between the black and white provides a strong in control vibe. The next option is to wear it with a bra. It’s a little bit of a tight fit but it will keep you covered and still feeling sexy. Choose a color that will work with whatever you wear on the bottom. Stay away from nude colors, you want something with a little more pop. The last way to wear an underbust corset is with nothing underneath. You get the picture. Whichever way you choose to wear it, make sure it makes you feel comfortable, confident and sexy.

As for the rest of the outfit, an underbust corset works well with a short skirt for a school teacher/school girl/business woman look. Pair it with thigh high fishnets and black high heels. Feel free to throw on a pair of glasses while you’re at it.

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