Throwback Thursday- Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is such a memorable Disney cartoon. Belle’s outfits are also permanently embedded into our brains. The yellow dress? Stunning. We wonder, if Belle was here today, what would she be wearing this winter?

We have to start with the ballgown. These days ballgowns aren’t something you have hanging around in the closet unless you count your prom dress. To take the dress into this decade, we’d like to see something sophisticated, form fitting, but still with a sweet detail like the pickups on her dress. Maybe a knee length dress with a woven fabric treatment, and of course it would be yellow. We’d stay away from the gloves but get some sparkle in with a gold rhinestone clutch. We’d finish off the look with bronze high heels.

Another memorable piece Belle wore was a long red cape with white trim. It kept her cozy while she played in the snow with the Beast. We’d make this look more modern by shortening the length. Details like buttons and dark fur would give the cape more character.

Bring out your inner Belle and embrace one of the color trends this upcoming season by wearing yellow. Check out Chicastic for accessories to help you complete your beauty inspired look.

BelleBelle by chicastic featuring a red coat

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