Casual Friday

TGIF! And if you’re lucky, it’s casual Friday at your office. That means you can dress down and be a little more comfortable during your 9-5. It doesn’t mean you can wear sweatpants and low cut tops. You’re still in a work environment and need your outfit to look respectable. Dark jeans are a great base to start with. They’re casual but still classy.

When choosing a top there are a few options. You can stick with what you wear during the workweek, like a fitted blazer or blouse or go more causal with a cardigan or v-neck sweater with a tank top underneath. Adding a lightweight scarf can be a nice touch. It can even be with a fun pattern like leopard print.

For footwear, it depends on your office. If they’re more modern then wear a pair of knee high boots. If not, stick with a classic shoe like a ballet flat.

Jewelry doesn’t get more casual on Fridays. So stay away from large hoop earrings, bangles and cocktail rings. Keep things simple with stud earrings and a fashion watch.

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