Wedding Wednesday- Oscar Themed

An Oscar wedding is the perfect theme for a couple obsessed with movies. There are so many ways to play with this idea and make a really memorable day.

For your venue, look for a movie theater that has a stage in front of the screen. All your guests can sit in the stacked seating and have a perfect, and comfortable, view of your ceremony. Cocktail hour can be filled with mini bags of popcorn and food with movie themes like Birdman chicken skewers. Set up a red carpet with a backdrop for photos by the “paparazzi” which is really your hired photographer. For dinner, guests can be seated in the lobby at tables surrounded by concession stands. Name the tables with movie themes, Oscar winning actors and actresses, award categories, or movie titles. How cute would a kids’ table be with a name like Frozen or Happy Feet? Take advantage of the concession stands with a dessert buffet of movie theater candies and sweets.

Your wedding dress can be inspired by dresses worn by celebrities on the red carpet. Maybe something modern like Reese Witherspoon’s gown or intricate like Lupita Nyong’o’s pearl dress. Dress your bridesmaids in gold like the award itself, red inspired by the red carpet, or sophisticated black. Go for the drama with sparkly accessories like diamond or rhinestone necklaces and blinged out clutches.

Don’t forget your favors. Chocolate Oscar statues anyone? Attach a note to each one that reads like an acceptance speech. Thank the Academy and then thank your guest for helping make your day so special.

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Oscar Inspired WeddingOscar Inspired Wedding by chicastic featuring faux flowers

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