When You’re Stuck Overnight

Being stuck somewhere unexpectedly isn’t fun. Especially if it’s overnight. Sometimes you might see it coming. For instance, if you know there will be bad weather later, like snow. Here are some tips for those bummer situations.

First off, if possible, try to always be prepared. Pack an extra sweatshirt or cardigan in your car. Maybe stick a scarf in your purse. Not only will these keep you warm in a pinch, but they’ll look like you had a wardrobe change the next day. Also try to keep a few dollars or change on hand because the vending machine might become your new best friend.

If you’re in a place with a phone charger then you’re all set to keep yourself occupied with games on your phone. If not, then think of games from when you were little that were fun. Games like I Spy, 20 Questions, or MASH are all really fun to play when stuck with a friend. If you’re stuck alone, and you don’t have a book or magazine, then people watching and creating stories about their lives is a good way to pass the time. You can also get creative by drawing or coming up with a rap song. Anything that passes the time.

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