Throwback Thursday- The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz followed the yellow brick road in amazing red shoes and a memorable blue gingham dress. If we remade this film and updated her look, what should she wear?

For starters we’d like to switch out the gingham dress. A white puffy blouse under an a-line gingham dress isn’t going to work in this decade. To update the look, we’d play with the components. The white blouse could be white pants instead. The gingham dress could transform into a gingham shirt.

To carry her belongings on her long journey, a brown crossbody bag would be practical and stylish. Toto might not fit, but her other must haves would.

And of course we need to talk about the shoes. Sparkly red flats would complete this look and keep with the innocent vibe. To take it a little bit further, some edgy red booties would make for a slightly more chic Dorothy.

For her hair, we could stick with the braids, but we’d pin the ends to her head for a more streamline look.

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