St.Patrick’s Day Parade and Bar Outfits

A lot of St.Patrick’s Day parades and festivities are this weekend. What you wear while waving to floats and bagpipers is usually different than what you’d wear out to a bar in the evening. Here are some outfit ideas for both.

First tip, which applies to the daytime and nighttime events, is to wear green. Pretty obvious right?

If you’re attending a parade in the morning, make sure you wear green strategically. When getting dressed you might think that you’ve got your bases covered with a kelly green sweater and shamrock necklace. However, when you dress for the cold weather no one will see your festiveness under your jacket. So for daytime activities where you’re all bundled up, we recommend focusing on your outerwear. Look for green scarves, gloves, and hats. Green shoes are also a great option. If you have a green coat, even better!

For the evening, your strategy should change a little. This time, it’s all about what’s under your coat. Pick out a piece of green clothing but don’t make it a head to toe green look. Choose the green shirt or the green skirt, not both. If you have a green dress then opt for a neutral colored heel. Feel free to accessorize with shamrock jewelry or a playful shamrock temporary tattoo on your cheek.

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