Throwback Thursday- Blossom

Blossom was a fun show to watch in the early nineties. The character Blossom had a fast talking best friend named Six and a hot brother named Joey, whoa!

When looking at the characters fashion, that’s entertainment in itself. Blossom was decked out in all her nineties fashion glory. There were tights under shorts, embellished hats, vests, baggy dress pants, suspenders, and more! If we had to update Blossom’s look, what would she wear?

We would still want her to express herself through fashion. An easy way to do that is with printed leggings. They’re colorful, fashionable, and come in a variety of prints. Scarves would also be a great way to express herself. Aside from all the color, patterns, and fabric options, there are so many ways to wear them.

As far as hats go, bucket hats have made a comeback, but we’d recommend not accessorizing them with giant flowers. If she still felt a compulsion to, maybe something smaller, like a brooch pin, would suffice. She could also accessorize with statement necklaces, something chunky one day and more geometric the next. Clutches and purses are another item that can easily be switched out day to day. Something sophisticated worn with a dress and then a playful animal print worn with jeans.

Blossom embraced fashion and in our “opinionation” so should you. Check out Chicastic and mix up your next look today.BlossomFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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