Flower and Braid Clutch

Looking for a new purse this spring? Try this flower and braid clutch. It’s a great statement purse and is visually intriguing with its flower embellishment and mixture of textures. The rhinestone embellishment adds that little something extra.

This 9.5″ long and 5.5″ high clutch comes in a variety of colors: coral, black, gold, silver, red, purple, dark gray, and royal blue. We think it works best when paired with a neutral color or a solid colored outfit. A little black dress could get a pop of color with the red, purple, or blue clutch. A gray dress would work well with the black purse, bringing out the braided embellishment. A solid colored outfit, like a purple gown, could pair well with the gold, silver, or dark gray clutch.

This flower and braid clutch works at a variety of occasions. Picture an amazing prom gown with a fluffy skirt. It works perfectly with one of these elaborate purses. A prom dress that’s more simple with clean lines could benefit with a highly embellished clutch. Gift these purses to your bridesmaids. Get creative and have them walk down the aisle holding them like a bouquet. Accessorize with this clutch for an evening out wearing dark jeans and heels that match your purse.

Check out Chicastic for all the colors and pick a clutch for your special occasion.Flower and Braid ClutchFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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