Fashion for Your Fingers

It’s not quite warm enough for t-shirts and flirty dresses, however it is warm enough that you don’t need to wear gloves. Take advantage of this exposed skin and give your fingers a mini makeover. Try a new fun nail polish, buy a new ring or two, and of course moisturize.

Get into the spring spirit with colorful nail polish. Pastels are great for this season. Feel free to get creative with your polish. Paint all your nails except for two the same color and then paint the remaining two nails with a darker or lighter shade. For a bolder look, paint the remaining nails in a completely different color. Another fun nail polish idea is to paint a design like polka dots or flowers. You can even add a little bling like glitter or rhinestones to give your nails the celebrity attention they deserve.

Let’s move on from polish to jewelry. Rings are a great way to add some color and fun to your hand. If you have a bold nail design then scale back on how loud the ring is.  If you have a more simple look, like solid colored nails, then play up the ring. If it’s an evening event, then some major bling can come into play. Try a dramatic cubic zirconia swirl ring or play up a floral motif with a black and white flower bouquet ring or a silver flower and oval ring.

Check out all the fabulous rings at Chicastic and let your fingers be fashion stars this spring.

Fashion for your Fingers

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