Throwback Thursday- My So Called Life

My So Called Life may have only lasted one year but the grunge style, the angst, and Jordan Catalano will be forever burned into our brains. We identified with Angela, Claire Dane’s character, and couldn’t agree with her more about her love for Jared Leto’s character and his perfect hair. For this throwback Thursday, we wonder, if Angela was in this decade how could we update her grunge look?

First off, plaid is a must. It doesn’t need to be in buttoned flannel shirt form, but it does need to be incorporated. To keep that same grunge vibe, we opted for a baggy sweater but balanced it out with tighter jeans. Part of the grunge style that’s come back into fashion is ripped jeans. You’ll see this trend in everything from boyfriend jeans to skinny jeans. Just be careful that rips are on the middle part of your thigh or below. Jeans that have rips that expose skin on your rear end are only appropriate as beach coverups.

We accessorized this look with a black crossbody bag and black heeled booties to give it a little more feminine sophistication. Speaking of which, for a more feminine look, how about a plaid dress? We chose one that’s figure flattering with an a-line shape. It can keep the over sized grunge feel by adding a loose cardigan. To balance out the feminine dress we chose a more masculine black boot. We also paired this look with a leopard print crossbody handbag to give the outfit an unexpected, nonconformist twist.

You can check out the crossbody handbags and cardigan at Chicastic. Now excuse us while we daydream about Jordan Catalano.

My So Called LifeMy So Called Life by chicastic featuring short boots

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