Easter Outfit

Easter is this Sunday, so if you don’t have an outfit yet you better get to the mall tonight or tomorrow. Here’s our suggestion of what to wear for this holiday.

This time of year is associated with lighter colors and lighter fabrics. Winter is over. Spring is here. Using that mindset, we look towards pastels and white for our color palette. These softer shades can be boring if not used the right way. For instance, a solid white top isn’t eye catching, but when that white top has intricate lace or cut out details the shirt transforms into a got to have it item. Another approach to giving these colors some pizazz is incorporating a pattern. A light pink skirt actually has a modern edge to it with a geometric pattern. We paired these two ideas together, even incorporating a crop top, and the results are exquisite.

Try a look like this, or incorporate these ideas into your own outfit. An intricate light green crop top with a pair of white high waist pants. A patterned dress with a white crochet cardigan. Mix and match and find what works best for you.

Once you’ve picked your main outfit, it’s time to start accessorizing. We recommend keeping it simple. You don’t want to detract from what you already have. We chose a neutral white strappy high heel. We also added a gray snakeskin clutch which plays up the patterns and details of the top and skirt, but yet still blends in because of its easy neutral color. For jewelry, this outfit has so many details that we think it’s best to keep it simple. We added a cocktail ring for a little bit of bling, but a simple bracelet would work as well.

Check out Chicastic for great accessories to add to your spring looks.

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