Men’s Basketball Championship Game Fan Outfit

The final game in the NCAA tournament is today. Who are you routing for? Are you watching with friends at home or at a bar? Have you planned your outfit?

If you’re a big Duke or Wisconsin fan then you might already own a jersey to wear. Pair it with skinny jeans and a cute pair of boots. If it’s a men’s jersey, then you can wear it with leggings and flats.

No jersey? Just wear the colors of the team you’re routing for. Duke’s colors are blue and white. Try a blue top like this layered hi-lo spring shirt. Bring in the white through accessories like a statement necklace or a white crossbody purse. Wisconsin’s colors are red and white. Try a white sweater like this white open cardigan with diamond cutout. Accessorize it with red items like a scarf, jewelry, or a red clutch.

We kept the accessories above the waist, but you can still wear shoes in your team’s color. Our only hesitation is that if you’re at a bar, or someplace like that, then they might be hard to notice.

Check out Chicastic for items that support your team colors.

NCAA Outfit

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