Spring Leggings

Leggings are great for transitioning from season to season. In the winter they can be worn with boots and a warm long sweater. Now in the spring, depending on the weather, they can be worn with boots, cute flats, or sandals. They can be paired with loose long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts with drapey cardigans, or cute long tank tops.

For spring, we love leggings with a fun pattern. They give your outfit a great focal point and can easily be worn with solid colors. Try a muted floral pattern to mimic the spring flowers starting to bloom. For something with a little more flare, try a bright abstract pattern or narrow colorful stripes. If you’d like a pattern that’s more of a neutral base to work from, check out our blue leggings with stars or our white with black abstract floral design leggings.

When planning your outfit around patterned leggings, it’s best to keep the rest of your items simple. Focus on solid colors and simple shapes. You don’t need to add a pattern on top of a pattern. Choose accessories like sandals that have minimal straps or a crossbody bag with a clean design.

Check out Chicastic for fun patterned leggings and great clothing and accessories to pair with them.

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