Throwback Thursday- She’s All That

She’s All That might be getting a remake. Where can we buy tickets?! We loved this cheesy film and its fashion transformation. They take a not so popular overall wearing teen girl, take off her glasses, cut her hair, and put her in a hot red dress and let the movie goers watch the romance blossom. For the remake, we decided to come up with an updated before and after look.

Fashion can transform a person physically and it can also give a person confidence, which is possibly the most attractive accessory one can wear. Therefore, for our before look we chose torn up boyfriend jeans and a plaid flannel shirt. These items are loose, hide the figure, and symbolically hide who the character is inside. We accessorized with coral converse sneakers because they’re comfy and fun. We want the before look to represent that this girl is easy going and has a little flare to her.

For the after look, we put together an outfit to help bring out the character’s confidence. We chose a red dress in honor of the original movie, but what makes it modern are the sexy cutouts around the stomach. We chose accessories that were powerful and feminine. For example, high heels with fierce straps and a hard box clutch with a bling factor. We also added a watch necklace to give the outfit a little extra special touch.

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She's All That

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