Throwback Thursday- Aladdin

Earlier this week Dancing with the Stars had a Disney themed episode. That inspired us for another Disney throwback Thursday. We chose to make a modern look inspired by Jasmine, and we’re pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Jasmine’s famous look consists of a crop top and pants with a lot of volume and flow. This spring, crop tops and skirts are on trend. So, for this modern look, we used that trend as a starting point. We decided to stray a little by pairing our teal midriff exposing top with a loose, flowy pair of high waisted pants. It gives the feel of Jasmine’s look without coming across like a costume.

We accessorized the look with gold and white strapey high heels. We wanted something chic and befitting of a princess without being too matchy in the teal color. Instead, we incorporated a little bit of teal into a multicolor statement necklace that has the same overall shape as her necklace. We didn’t want to go super heavy on the jewelry with big chunky earrings and a bejeweled headband. We decided to focus our bling factor into a purse instead. We picked a gold clutch with a peacock motif that incorporates Jasmine’s love of animals.

Check out the necklace, clutch, and other accessories fit for a modern royal at Chicastic.

Modern Jasmine

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