What to Wear to Coachella

The second weekend of Coachella is here. Time to break out your festival wear and dance to the music. Here are some fashion suggestions we have for attending an event like this.

Festivals tend to be outside, and that means you need to be prepared for rain or shine and hot or cool weather. To beat the heat we recommend loose breathable pieces of clothing. You want something air can circulate through. A cute summer dress or a flowy skirt would work well. We also recommend layering up. If you’re unsure on how cool it will be, layers are a great way to work with the weather. Add a vest, take off a scarf, etc. Speaking of vests, clothes with a seventies vibe are back in style so feel free to add some fringe to your look.

You’ll be on your feet most of the day, so comfort is important when choosing footwear. Sneakers aren’t the most fashionable attire, instead we recommend sandals with some cushion to them or a pair of flat boots.

There are some must have accessories you’ll need when attending a festival. First off, sunblock. A sunburn is not a souvenir you’ll want. Sunglasses are also key. Pick an oversized pair with a cute shape. Carry your must haves, like cash, ID, and your cell phone in a crossbody bag. It’s secure and will leave your hands free to hold your drink and rock out. For a little extra style, choose some loose jewelry to fit in with the relaxed vibe. A vintage style watch necklace is a great piece of functional fashion.

Check out Chicastic for fashionable clothing and accessories for your next festival.

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