Chic Maternity Outfits

Jessa Duggar is pregnant. Jessica Biel just had her baby. With all this baby news we were inspired to assemble some chic maternity looks.

When you’re pregnant events you need to attend don’t wait nine months. Sometimes you need to attend a wedding or other special event with baby aboard. Looking fashionable can be a challenge but we think we’ve come up with some good options.

A flattering dress to wear while pregnant is one with an empire waist. You want something that cinches above your belly to accentuate your baby bump and, in comparison, your narrow waist. If you’d like to show off more of your curvy body, then opt for a form fitting dress with some spandex to it. Either option can be accessorized the same way. If you’re feeling bold, wear a pair of high heel shoes. If comfort is more your thing, then a cute pair of flats is totally acceptable. If your feet are getting bigger or swollen, then wear a pair of sandals with minimal straps.

Necklaces and clutches are fun to add to your outfit. They fit no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy. A beige enamel necklace over a bright blue dress paired with a cute envelope clutch would be fabulous. A neutral color dress with a cute lace detail and an accessory with a pop of color is another great option. Even go all neutrals if you like. Grays and black would be a chic look.

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