Throwback Thursday- Full House

Did you hear? Full House is coming back as Fuller House on Netflix. It will star the characters D.J. and Stephanie Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler. We’re so excited! In honor of this amazing announcement we created updated looks for two of the characters.

Kimmy Gibbler had some very questionable fashion moments, even for a show set in the late eighties/early nineties. She wore bold patterns and colors and had embellishments that took an outfit a tad too far. We don’t think they’ll change her fashion sense. Therefore, we came up with an outfit that has great individual pieces, but just comes off over the top when all worn at the same time. We went with a bold pink cardigan and paired it with star patterned leggings. Then to take it a step too far, we added a blue leopard print crossbody bag. Accessorize all that with a colorful statement necklace and you’ll have a modern day Kimmy Gibbler.

D.J. was a little more classy with her fashion choices. In the new show, she’s supposed to be a mom and also be pregnant with the her third child. We think a body-con dress would be a modern pregnancy look and still fit her style. We visualize her in neutral colors, but with an added pop of color in her necklace, purse or shoe. Due to the baby, we’d rather not see her in heels but rather comfortable flats.

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Full House

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