Fashionable Ways to Tell Time

How do you tell time? For most of us we check our cell phone or computer screen, but in doing so we miss out on a practical and fashionable accessory. The watch. There are fun new twists on the way watches can be worn and we think it’s high time (see what we did there) we start accessorizing with them.

Watches can be worn in the traditional way, a band around the wrist, but new designs called wrap watches incorporate the watch into a bracelet. It can be a chunky, lots of straps, type or maybe one simple band that winds around your arm a few times. We like the ones that incorporate different materials and textures to give the watch more interest.

Another way to fashionably tell time is with a watch necklace. It reminds us of a pocket watch, which we shy away from due to a shortage of appealing women’s vests with pockets to place said watch in. It also reminds us of lockets that you store mini photos in. We love the vintage feel and design options. Go quirky with an owl necklace or simple with a black gem. We love the star design on the round necklace and don’t get us started on the sweet heart options.

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