Throwback Thursday- Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty dates back to 1959 and the fashion a long time before that. Bodices and full skirts aren’t everyday wear in this decade. For this throwback Thursday we decided to update Aurora’s outfit.

We started with a black underbust corset over a gray long sleeve top. This gives the same look as her bodice over a collared shirt. Next we needed a bottom. Aurora’s outfit had a dark skirt but we didn’t want our look to be so monotone. At least in the cartoon, the princess has bright golden locks to bring some pep to the look. We decided to liven up our outfit with a pair of pink shorts. The reasoning behind the color is because it’s the color of her dress at the end of the movie. You might recall that her dress actually kept changing color from pink to blue and vice versa. To honor that we added in a pair of light blue slip on shoes. To balance out all the color at the bottom of the outfit, we added a light pink statement necklace.

We love how this ensemble turned out. It’s casual but unique. It’s great for a day out around town or hanging with your friends. Check out the corset at Chicastic and get your modern fairytale look started.

Sleeping Beauty

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday- Sleeping Beauty

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