Avengers Inspired Looks

Avengers: Age of Ultron is out today. Get a little inspiration for your outfit from the superheros of the film.

Captain America is all about the red, white and blue. Be just as patriotic with your outfit choice. Wear a blue cardigan and white top and then add a pop of red. We prefer the pop of red as a clutch purse to play off of Captain America’s own accessory, his shield. We just wish our accessories were as indestructible.

Thor is another great hero to draw fashion inspiration from. A red cape would be perfect in the winter months. For a more springy look however, stick with some metallic industrial looking jewelry. Try a cuff or a thick braided metal statement necklace. Metal jewelry with geometric patterns really work well to mimic the metal aspects of his attire.

Probably the easiest superhero to be inspired by is the Hulk. Just wear green. Green pants, green shirt, green jewelry, whatever you want. We’d advise not wearing all green, but rather one or two pieces at a time. Our choice is an oversized green clutch. It’s larger than an average clutch purse, just like Hulk is larger than most people.

Check out the Avengers movie this weekend and check out Chicastic for great clutches and cardigans.

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