Cinco De Mayo Inspired Outfits

Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo. Celebrate the day with margaritas, burritos, and Mexican inspired fashion. Dress in the colors of the flag or take inspiration from traditional Mexican fashion. Below are some tips to help get you started.

Green, white, and red, the colors of the Mexican flag, are easy colors to create an outfit out of. For example, wear a white shirt, red pair of pants or skirt, and carry a green clutch.

If you’re not into bold blocks of color and would prefer to celebrate a little more subtly, then choose a neutral outfit and sport the colors in just your accessories. For example, a black dress accessorized with a white statement necklace, green clutch, and red high heels.

Another route to go, is taking inspiration from the designs of the culture, not just the colors themselves. Look for jewelry with beading and intricate metal work. Mix Mexican inspired clothing pieces into your own look. It could be a full skirt, a ruffled or blousy top, or even a modern styled poncho. Don’t wear all the pieces at once, you want to have a Mexican inspired look, not a costume.

Find green, white, and red accessories and clothing at Chicastic and start celebrating!

Cinco De Mayo Outfits

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