Throwback Thursday- The Cosby Show

Clair Huxtable was a strong, smart and loving woman on The Cosby Show. She’s one of our favorite TV moms. In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, for this throwback Thursday, we chose to update Clair’s look.

The Cosby Show was an eighties TV show and, as we all know, the eighties had some memorable fashion. We all remember Cliff Huxtable’s unique sweaters. Clair Huxtable rocked the eighties fashions too, wearing business suits with shoulder pads, blousy tops, chunky belts and large pieces of jewelry.

If she was at the office today, we’d style her in a pencil skirt with color blocking or a subtle pattern. It would be a modern take on a classic silhouette. We’d pair it with either a flatteringly draped sleeveless top or a simple shirt with a statement necklace. Then we’d finish the look with a pair of pumps. This ensemble would give Clair the powerful attorney look she needs for work but without it being a typical boring suit.

For a nice evening out, say listening to some jazz music, we’d put her in a dress that had a special feature to it, like ruching or lace details. We wouldn’t expect her to follow the specific trends of the season like a bare midriff, but rather wear more timeless pieces. We’d accessorize the look with a statement necklace, rhinestone clutch purse, and peep toe high heels.

For a casual around the house look, she could wear a pair of skinny jeans, loose cardigan, sandals and a statement necklace. It’s comfortable and conveys she’s one cool mom.

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