Throwback Thursday- The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been on TV since 1989 and its characters are known worldwide. As of yesterday, Universal Studios Hollywood now allows you to visit the iconic town of Springfield. For this throwback Thursday we decided to give Marge and Lisa a little makeover.

Very rarely do we see these ladies out of their standard outfits. Marge wears a green strapless dress, red necklace and red flats. We updated her look with a sleeveless green dress. It’s still form fitting like the original but looks more sophisticated. Next we accessorized with a white statement necklace. It switches up her standard red necklace color but still draws the eye up. We kept her red flats but added a multi color blue envelope clutch. We love this purse because it compliments her hair, has a classic shape, and adds some fun to the look.

Lisa’s typical ensemble consists of a reddish orange strapless dress, white pearl necklace and red flats with straps. We thought it’d be a nice change to define her waist with an a-line dress. We also went with one that has a halter type of neckline. The dress is age appropriate but not too juvenile. Since we chose a dress with a detailed neckline, we opted to take her pearl necklace and replace it with a pearl barrette bow. It’s a sweet touch to her outfit. We kept her flats, but switched them to white with a scalloped edge. It’s visually more interesting.

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 The SimpsonsThe Simpsons by chicastic featuring a leather purse

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