Casual Friday in Spring and Summer

Casual Friday in the fall and winter is easy because it’s mostly about wearing dark jeans instead of your regular slacks. In the spring and summer months it’s more of a challenge. If your company pumps the ac then jeans are the easy solution, but if your company isn’t always freezing, here are some tips.

Always look at how your coworkers dress on casual Friday. This will give you an idea of how relaxed your outfit can be. Some offices allow capri pants in the warmer months. When choosing a pair, choose a sleek design or a dark denim. Do not pick a pair that’s baggy, cargo style or that has camo or another loud print on it. If capris are too casual for your workplace, try a lightweight skirt or dress. You want it to hit close to the knee or lower, and provide full coverage up top. Cleavage is inappropriate for the office. The rule on sleeveless outfits varies from company to company so bring a lightweight or short sleeve cardigan to be safe.

For footwear, and we can’t stress this enough, do not wear cheap flip flops. That type of sandal is only appropriate for lifeguards and other beach employees. For very casual offices you can sometimes get away with thick strapped flip flops. Sandals in general can be work appropriate. We would stick to something with leather or faux leather straps and steer away from cork or fabric. We also prefer ballet flats for summer footwear.

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