First Impression Fashion

The Bachelorette premiered earlier this week and we are expecting a drama filled season. Britt and Kaitlyn both wore stunning dresses at the arrivals. We loved the Greek goddess feel of Britt’s white dress and metallic belt. Kaitlyn’s dress was also beautiful with it’s dark sparkle. Although the final bachelorette should be chosen based off personality, first impressions are very important on dating shows as they are in real life.

When meeting someone for the first time choose an outfit that reflects your personality. This can be done at all levels of a dress code. Of course casual wear is the easiest to express yourself in. If you’re a tomboy, shorts and a t-shirt with a pair of sneakers is a simple go to. For more of a fashionista look, wear heels and a skirt with a cute clutch. Fun loving personality? Wear a scarf with polka dots or loud patterned leggings. These are just stereotypical examples, everyone has layers to them, just choose what you feel best expresses you. You want someone to get your vibe when they first see you.

For evening wear, you can still express yourself in a fancy dress. Look for details in the design or accessories that speak to you. For example, a sporty body-con racerback dress, a flirty sweet tulle dress, or a sparkly sleek look all give you distinct impressions of a person.

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