Throwback Thursday- Jem and the Holograms

80’s girls should be excited for live action Jem and the Holograms coming to theaters this year. The cartoon featured fabulous bright hair, makeup and eighties fashion. We’re interested to see all the updated stage outfits for the characters. We’re sure they’ll be over the top. For this throwback Thursday we’d like to help you find outfit inspiration from the musical groups alter egos and get a little rock star yourself.

Jem’s signature color is pink. That’s a good place to start when creating your ensemble. We don’t recommend head to toe pink, but rather one piece with a rock star quality to it. Perhaps a bodycon pink dress or a pair of bright pink high heels with studs on them. Even a neon pink clutch would be a nice nod to eighties Jem.

Earrings are a big part of Jem’s outfit. They’re how she projects “Jem” over her real self, Jerrica Benton. Wear a fabulous pair and feel confident. Choose a star shaped design like hers or get a little more edgy with an ear cuff. Whatever you choose, make sure they make you make you feel special.

Of course we can’t overlook the eighties hair. Teasing and using enormous amounts of hairspray is not in style this decade. Nor are giant bows and large fabric headbands. Smaller structured headbands and hair accessories, however, can be incorporated into your look. Try a thin headband with a bow on it, or small bow bobby pins to tuck back stray hair.

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Jem and the HologramsJem and the Holograms by chicastic featuring post earrings

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