Ocean Inspired Fashion

The more warm days we have, the more we think about cool ocean breezes and relaxing waves. The ocean is a great inspiration for outfits and accessories. Check out some sea inspired pieces Chicastic has to offer.

For something to be ocean inspired does not mean it needs to have fish and seahorses on it. It can, and sometimes those items makes for cute accessories and patterns. We, however, didn’t take such a literal route. Our first category for inspiration was the color of the sea. It can be dark blue all the way to turquoise. We love this straw envelope clutch that incorporates light blue and other shades and has a real beachy feel.

Our next category is the way the ocean sparkles when the sun hits it. It’s playful and mesmerizing. We chose a knuckle duster clutch that has a sequin pattern woven into it which also gives it a visual texture that reminds us of a fisherman’s net. Another option is a blue bugle bead clutch. The light reflects off the beads and they also have a swirling pattern like the sea. Our last sparkly pick was a pair of t-strap rhinestone high heels due to their bling factor.

Another category of ocean inspired items is sheer clothing. In some parts of the world, the ocean is crystal clear, in others a bit more murky. We chose this sheer blue chiffon skirt that has a shorter inner lining to mimic looking into the sea. We love this skirt because it also flows beautifully, as does water. Which leads us to our last category, waves. This inspiration can be seen in items that flow like this skirt, or in patterns. We chose a blue chevron print infinity scarf for the up and down pattern.

Check out Chicastic and find your ocean inspired fashion.Ocean Inspired FashionFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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