What to Wear Hiking

Hiking is a great way to exercise. Instead of being crammed in a gym next to a dozen other people you can work your way through the woods or up mountains and feel relaxed in the process. There are different hikes for different skill levels so be sure to choose one that’s right for you. For the causal hiker, here are some tips to keep you comfortable and fashionable.

Wear appropriate shoes. Footwear can range from sneakers to hiking boots. Sneakers can be a lot of fun with the neon options out there or just switching up your laces. Don’t make this an opportunity to break in your shoes or it could be a very uncomfortable walk back. Also, it might seem like a given, but don’t wear sandals, especially flip flops or wedges. Casual hiking does not mean casual footwear.

When choosing what to wear, consider where you’ll be hiking. Typically, lightweight shorts, yoga pants/capris, or leggings are a good start. Tank tops or breathable t-shirts are good base layers along with a sports bra underneath. You want to look for clothing that wicks sweat away from the body or fabrics that dry quickly like polyester and nylon. There are a lot of cute options out there to choose from and workout clothes are the perfect opportunity to wear things you might not normally, like neon colors, fun patterns, or sleek sporty designs. Have fun with it.

Some other things to think about, if it’s a slightly cooler day or you’ll be hiking to a higher elevation, bring a long sleeve layer with you. If you’re going to be hiking somewhere grassy, opt for light colored clothing and long pants that you can tuck into socks and be sure to check for ticks when you’re done with your hike.

For sun protection, apply sunblock, wear sunglasses, and also wear a hat. A cute baseball cap will give you a sporty vibe and shield your scalp from the sun.

Pack a backpack with anything you might need along the way such as your extra layer, water, granola bars, and a small first aid kit.

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