White Accessories

Wedding Season is upon us. Your calendar probably has a few booked for this summer and fall. This means figuring out what dresses to wear. Casual beach weddings, simple day weddings, black tie evening weddings, they all require different outfits. The one main rule you need to follow is to not wear white. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize with white.

Usually people think of a bold color to add pop to an outfit. White can add pop just as easily. Instead of a neutral colored dress and bright accessory, go with a colorful dress and add a white accessory. Options are white heels, jewelry, clutches or cardigans. Here are some of our favorites.

This chunky white statement necklace looks beautiful against a high neck dress. It gives the outfit a focal point, and a stylish one at that.

For a causal event, or to add some edge to your evening look, we like this white over sized faux patent leather clutch. It has a cool texture to it and can fit many items. We also like that you can either hold it by the handle or clutch it.

Another favorite is this satin woven design with rhinestone hard clutch. It looks sophisticated, has a little bling factor and an intriguing pattern. It’s a perfect addition to an evening look.

Our last pick is a mesh rhinestone peacock hardbox clutch. This sparkly clutch is unique and memorable. We’re sure you’ll get compliments on it. Pair it with simple pieces to really let it shine, such as a plain silver ring or bracelet.

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