What to Wear to a Graduation Party

High school graduations are coming up in the next few weeks and that means graduation parties. What do you wear?

Most graduation parties are casual. The guest of honor typically wears a nice day dress and heels. If the party is taking place in a backyard then they might opt for something more grass friendly like wedges, flats or sandals. For guests, we recommend the same dress code. Wear a nice day dress or slacks. If the party seems very casual, you can opt for a nice pair of jeans or shorts and a blouse. Bring a light cardigan in case the weather turns chilly or windy. Also, wear footwear that can handle the terrain of the party. If your gift to the graduate is money, then carry a clutch purse or crossbody bag large enough to fit your card envelope.

Some parties are a little fancier. Maybe a small group is being invited to dinner at a nice restaurant or a space is being rented to really mark the occasion. For these check out the venue and discuss with other invited guests. A cocktail dress with heels might be more appropriate. Again, be sure your clutch or purse is large enough for the card.

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