Throwback Thursday- The Flintstones

Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble were two stylish ladies in Bedrock with their statement necklaces and cute dresses. For throwback Thursday we wanted to update their looks for today.

Let’s start with Wilma. This red headed gal wore a white dress with a white chunky necklace. Our updated look for her sticks with this color palette. We chose a white fitted dress with style lines and a curved hem and added a white beaded statement necklace to it. We paired it with a white crystal and rhinestone hard box clutch. It’s sleek and modern with a bling factor on one half of it. Lastly we added a pair of white pumps. Although probably not the most comfortable thing to wear, they have to be better than walking barefoot on rocks.

Betty was known for her blue dress. We gave her a one shoulder peplum cocktail dress and paired it with a black stone necklace to mimic the one she wears. We thought the crystal and rhinestone hard box clutch would work well for this outfit as well, but switched it to black. We then added a pair of black t-strap rhinestone high heels. We love the blue and black combo of this look.

With these outfits, these ladies are ready to hit the town. Check out the clutches, necklaces and t-strap high heels at Chicastic and come out of the stone age.

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