Wedding Wednesday- Ceremony to Reception Tips

As you know, weddings don’t always have the ceremony and the reception at the same venue. For example, you might attend a religious ceremony at a church or temple and then head over to the reception at a catering hall. You’re enjoying the cocktail hour while the wedding party takes photos. However, this streamline scenario is not always the case. Sometimes there is a long break between the events. The ceremony starts at 2:30 but the reception doesn’t start until 7. Do you have to be dressed up that whole time? What do you do in between? Here are some tips.

Let’s start with what to wear. Typically you’ll be wearing a nice cocktail dress or evening gown to the reception. It might be uncomfortable to be wearing it from 2:30 to midnight. If you’d like, you can wear something more casual to the ceremony. We don’t mean showing up in flip flops, shorts and a tank. Rather, a day dress, skirt or a nice pair of slacks and a blouse. This is someone’s wedding, dress respectfully. Also something to keep in mind, if you think you might be involved in any photos with the couple at the ceremony site, then wear your evening attire.

As far as what to do, first and foremost, bring a pair of flats or sandals to change into between events. If you’re staying at a local hotel, that’s easy enough, just head there and relax. If you’re not, then you can look for a local place to hang out a while, like a Panera Bread or a Starbucks. If you’re hungry, grab a snack, or pack one ahead of time. Keep it light as there will be lots of food to come. Another option, is to go shopping. Check out local stores for unique jewelry or clutches. You can also find a park and enjoy the sunshine on a bench. Be sure to bring a blanket to put under your dress just in case.

However you want to dress or spend your time between the wedding events is up to you. Just be respectful.

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