Throwback Thursday- Belle

Everyone remembers Belle’s beautiful yellow gown in Beauty and the Beast, but we’re sure everyone also remembers her blue and white outfit. She wore the blue dress, white long sleeve shirt and white apron through most of the movie. We’d like to make a modern version for her.

Blue is a key element to the look so we chose a pair of blue fitted pants to start the outfit with. Next we opted for a white draped sleeveless shirt. It’s the same neckline as the shirt in the movie but mimics the sleeveless aspect of the dress. We also wanted something that had a bit of a flow to it, like her dress and shirt. As far as footwear, we stuck with ballet flats. They make sense with her outfit then and they make sense with this outfit now. They’re fashionable and are much more practical than heels.

Accessorizing the look is fairly simple. Belle didn’t get bogged down with layers of jewelry, although a statement necklace would look cute with this outfit if one so desired. Our main focus in the accessories department was her purse. We all know what an avid reader she is. It would be helpful if her purse could fit a book. We chose this brown crossbody purse for it’s style and practicality. She can have adventures in the great wide somewhere and carry a book while she’s at it.

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BelleBelle by chicastic featuring slim pants

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