Bathing Suit Coverups

Bathing suit coverups come in handy when you’re not in the water. Wear them when you’re walking the boardwalk or at a pool party. Keep in mind, they don’t need to be an over sized t-shirt like when you were little. They can be quite fashionable and cute. Here are some great ideas.

Wear a lightweight dress or skirt. There are plenty of options out there. Perhaps a silky material that flows or an easy cotton with an elastic strapless top. For a skirt, we love it when worn with a bikini because it feels perfect for a resort. However, if worn with a one piece bathing suit, you could get away with it at a casual lunch or dinner.

Another option is a tunic. They’re loose and comfortable and come in a variety of fun patterns. They’ll offer you a lot of sun coverage too. Pair them with shorts and you’re ready to head around town.

Of course with all beach coverups, make sure you also coverup with sunblock and reapply. Sunburns are never fashionable.

Check out great skirts and tunics at Chicastic and gear up for your summer day by the water.

Bathing Suit Coverup

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