July Fourth Fashion

Here comes July 4th and the red, white and blue color palette. People tend to celebrate Independence Day with barbeques, fireworks and some patriotic fashion choices. Here are a few ways to nod to the holiday through fashion.

The obvious choice is wear red, white and blue. For example, a red skirt, white shirt and blue accessory like a clutch or necklace. Easy enough.

Maybe your wardrobe isn’t filled with these colors. If that’s the case, look to your accessories. Have a blue and white scarf? Perhaps red flip flops or a red clutch? All are great options, but don’t forget there’s always nail polish for a cheap solution.

When choosing an outfit, keep in mind it doesn’t need to be the exact colors of the flag. Have fun with it. Try different shades like sky blue or even pink. Or get inspired by the patterns of the flag and wear clothing or accessories that feature stars or stripes or both! A cute pair of star earrings and a striped tunic top would do the trick.

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July Fourth FashionJuly Fourth Fashion by chicastic featuring a chiffon skirt

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