Throwback Thursday- Independence Day

With July 4th fast approaching, we are sure all the patriotic movies will be in rotation on TV this weekend. One of our favorites is Independence Day. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are a great duo and Bill Pullman’s speech is everything. For this throwback Thursday however, we’d like to set our focus on the fashion. There were a lot of tank tops and army fatigues worn by the characters in the movie and there was also a surprising amount of plaid shirts. Based on these elements, and factoring in the destruction caused by the aliens, we came up with an Independence Day inspired outfit.

Since it’s an action/destruction movie, we started with the obligatory ripped jeans. We opted for a looser pair just for ease of movement, but ripped skinny jeans would work as well. Next we added a camo green tank top. We then wanted to incorporate plaid into the outfit without it just looking like 90s grunge. So instead of a long sleeve plaid shirt either worn open or tied around the waist, we chose a pair of plaid shoes. We accessorized with a large glossy snakeskin bag. It can fit a lot of must haves when you’re trying to save yourself from human extinction.

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Independence Day

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