Throwback Thursday- A League of Their Own

With baseball season in full swing and the topic of women’s sports in the headlines, we decided to pick A League of Their Own for this throwback Thursday. We LOVE this movie. We can’t get enough of Geena Davis and Tom Hanks, and even Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell are in this 1992 film! We also love the look of the uniforms the ladies wore, although they weren’t practical for the sport. We decided to take a little inspiration from them to create a modern outfit.

We started off with a similar silhouette to their a-line uniforms. We chose a white t-shirt with short sleeves and a short peach skirt. How could we not be a Peach?

Next we looked for footwear that would be summer appropriate but still have that baseball sock and cleat look.  Flat knee high gladiator sandals were the perfect solution and helped to toughen up this sweet look. Lastly we needed a purse that would be able to fit must haves…like a baseball. We went with a classic looking white and black straw purse.

We chose not to accessorize with jewelry but if we were to add something else to this look we’d add a statement necklace to make it a little more feminine. We also didn’t accessorize with a cap, but if we were wearing this to a baseball game we would have.

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A League of Their Own

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