Sexy Striptease Outfits

Magic Mike XXL has been a hit in theaters this summer. As we’re sure you’re aware, there’s nothing like a sexy striptease. Get inspired by the movie and put on your own show for your special someone.

You don’t need special Velcro or rip away clothing for your personal performance. What you do need is a theme and a song. Think of what your significant other might enjoy and work around that. Dress as a sexy cowgirl, a police officer, or maybe a school girl for example.

You’ll want to create an outfit that consists of a few layers that can be easily removed. Start with a base layer of a sexy bra and panties. If you aren’t looking to remove your base layer at the end of the striptease then a corset is a great option. Build your layers on top of that. A buttoned shirt, tie, skirt and thigh high stockings are all easy to work with. And don’t forget other accessories that can help complete your outfit. A hat, pair of glasses or other props can add fun to the performance. Finish off the look with a sexy pair of heels.

Check out Chicastic for corsets and other sexy items to help you complete your look.

Sexy Striptease Outfit

Sexy Striptease Outfit by chicastic featuring a white long sleeve shirt

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